Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Fabian Ziltener

Fabian Ziltener received his Ph.D. from ETH Zurich in 2006. Subsequently he was a postdoc at LMU (the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), supported by a fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation. This was followed by a postdoc position at the University of Toronto and an assistant professorship at KIAS, the Korea Institute for Advanced Study, where he received the “award of excellence” in 2012. After an intermezzo as a substitute associate professor at LMU, in 2013 he was appointed as universitair docent (assistant professor, permanent position) at Utrecht University. In 2023 he became a permanent senior scientist at ETH in Zurich.

Ziltener’s research area is symplectic geometry. For certain coisotropic submanifolds of symplectic manifolds he has proved a lower bound on the number of leafwise fixed points of a given Hamiltonian diffeomorphism. Examples of applications are a symplectic nonsqueezing result and the existence of stably exotic symplectic structures. In another part of his research he has investigated the symplectic vortex equations. These are a gauge theoretic version of the Cauchy-Riemann equation. They are related to the Gromov-Witten invariants of symplectic quotients.

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