Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Erik van den Ban

Erik van den Ban (1956) studied mathematics at Utrecht University where he obtained his PhD in 1982. In the academic year 1982/1983 he was a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. After having been post-doc at the Mathematical Centre (now CWI) in Amsterdam he became assistent professor in the Department of Mathematics of Utrecht University. He occupied short term visiting positions in Berkeley and in Copenhagen and in 1995 a four month visiting position at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in Djursholm, Sweden. In 2002 he was promoted to associate professor and in 2007 to professor in Lie theory.

Van den Ban’s research area is analysis and representation theory for reductive Lie groups and symmetric spaces. He investigated the asymptotic behaviour of matrix coeffients, and the role of the principal series of representations in harmonic analysis on reductive symmetric spaces. In a long collaboration with Henrik Schlichtkrull from the University of Copenhagen he succeeded in obtaining Plancherel and Paley-Wiener theorems for such spaces.

Van den Ban is editor of Transactions and Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society.

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