Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Gert Heckman

Gert Heckman (1953) studied mathematics at the University of Leiden, where he obtained his PhD in 1980. After a period of 2 years as postdoc at MIT, he returned to Leiden as assistant professor until 1988, with a half year interruption as visiting associate professor at Universite Paris 7. From 1989 until now he has been at the University of Nijmegen, from 1999 on as professor of pure mathematics. He has trained 3 PhD students.

Heckman’ s research interests include symplectic geometry and geometric quantization, algebraic geometric analysis (hypergeometric functions, differential Galois theory), and representation theory of reductive groups. About his joint work with Eric Opdam he was invited to give lectures at Seminair Bourbaki (1997) in Paris, and Current Developments in Mathematics (1996) at Harvard.

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