Geometry and Quantum Theory (GQT)

Maarten Solleveld

Maarten Solleveld (1979) studied mathematics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. From 2002 till 2006 he was a PhD-student at the UvA, under the supervision of Eric Opdam. In 2007 he obtained his PhD and held short-term positions at the UvA and at the Hausdorff Institut für Mathematik in Bonn. In september 2007 he moved to Göttingen, where worked as a post-doc for four years. In june 2011 he received his Habilitation from the Universität Göttingen.
Since the autumn of 2011 he is a tenure-track UD at the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

Solleveld’s research interest is in representation theory with a geometric flavour. Recurring themes in his work are affine Hecke algebras, reductive p-adic groups, Bruhat-Tits buildings
and noncommutative algebraic geometry.

Apart from mathematics, Solleveld is an international master in chess. With his rating around
2500, he ranks among the 25 best chess players of the Netherlands.

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